Pink Memorabilia

One of the true joys that comes from being a fan of Pink Lady (or any other celebrity for that matter) is collecting memorabilia. And for the last six years now, I’ve had an absolute blast acquiring PL swag, especially via online auctions where practically all the stuff I’ve collected has come from. Albums, pictures, posters, concert programs, picture books, promo pics, cassettes, t-shirts, playing cards, sheet music, even an honest to gosh handbag (and no, I’ve never gone out with it!). And what been even more fun than getting my hands on all those goodies is displaying it here on the website for visitors to check out as, without boasting too much, I have far and away, THE largest collection of Pink Lady memorabilia outside of Japan. And, greedy bastard that I am, I’m always on the lookout for more! So, feel free to ogle through all the pages of goodies I’ve collected. Enjoy!

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