This page continues my wonderful collection of Pink Lady memorabilia which I'm displaying for all to see! Again, if happen to have any neat Pink Lady stuff you want to share with the world, drop me a line at and tell me all about it! Enjoy!!!

Aren't these photos of Mie and Kei (circa 1979) simply delicious? Thanks to Claudia Salisbury of Washington state for making these pics available via eBay.

LEFT: What all stylish Pink Lady fans wore back during their heyday. Only Beatlemania came close to the frenzied fandom for Mie and Kei. I found this pic on one of the websites over on PL-NET.
RIGHT: I call this item a dance card as it had step by step instructions on the back from one of Pink Lady's disco hits, in the pic above, from "Monster". Thanks to Melinda Bolduc from New Hampshire for making this available via eBay.

Melinda Bolduc came through for me once again with this way cool Pink Lady candy tin which I won in an eBay auction in October of 2001. The pic on the left is fron the front of the tin and the pic on the right is from the back with Mie and Kei in their outfits from "Tomei Ningen".

Actual ticket stubs (left: front, right: back) from 1978's "Jumping Summer Carnival", arguably Pink Lady's biggest concert ever. Many thanks to Tokyo native Tim Whalen who provided me this one of a kind item to my Pink Lady collection.

LEFT: Also from Tim, this book contained the sheet music to Pink Lady's greatest hits from "Pepper Keibu" to "Tomei Ningen" (the costumes Mie and Kei wore on the cover were from the latter). This book also contained the lyrics to those songs in kanji.
RIGHT: The 8-track version of Pink Lady's U.S. album. I've never played it because it's impossible to find an 8-track player these days. And besides, why would I want to since I already have it on compact disc?

Here's what just about every little girl in Japan had in her wardrobe back in 1978: THE PINK LADY HANDBAG!!! A cute red vinyl purse with Mie and Kei in their outfits from "Monster" on the front. In the pic on the right is the actual box the handbag came in, a price sticker on the side read 1980 yen which, in U.S. currency back then would've been roughly twelve to thirteen dollars. I won this item via eBay in August 2002 from Johnny Lofgren who lives in Japan and made it available. Many thanks, Johnny! Also, the pics were taken with my new digital camera! Not bad for an amatuer, eh?

LEFT: This book from my good friend, Tim Whalen is called, "Pink Lady: The Book Mie and Kei Created". It mostly features lots of chatting by the girls (I'd kill to read Japanese!!!) along with a goodly number of color and black and white pictures of the girls who looked so fresh faced and innocent when this book came out in 1977. An unexpected treat regarding was that it also included a dozen drawings done by Mie (she signed them "Mii") which were really cute and displayed a talent I never knew she had. If Mie hadn't gone into show business (And we're all grateful that she had), she might've had a successful career as a manga artist. Many thanks for making this book available, Tim! You're tops in my book!

RIGHT: Just when you thought there couldn't possibly be any more versions of Pink Lady's U.S. single, "Kiss in the Dark" out there, here's yet another one! An extremely rare version pressed, as you can see above, on translucent pink vinyl!!! Amazing! I won this rare record via eBay in May of 2003 from Gary Duncan who lives in merry ol' England! Many thanks for making this available, Gary! Cheers!

ABOVE: In the beginning when I started seriously collecting Pink Lady memorabilia, it was never my intention to collect the singles from their 1976 to 1981 salad days since I already had all 22 original releases on CD. But, as time went on, I decided that I just HAD to have them, if but for no other reason than I wanted them, plain and simple. It took the better part of two years searching through eBay, but thanks to folks like Tim Whalen and Katsutoshi Tanahashi, I've finally managed to collect all the 45's, from "Pepper Keibu" to "OH!" And, needless to say, I'm extremely proud of this accomplishment!

BELOW: While I'm on the subject, over the last couple of months, I scored a real coup by obtaining via ebay, Mie and Kei's solo releases on vinyl after the 1981 break-up. Prior to having bought Mie's "Golden Best" CD compilation, I never heard any of her songs (Save for "Call Girl"), ditto, for Kei's solo work. And the Ladies sound just a good separately as they do together! I'm quite proud to have all this really great stuff in my ever expanding collection! Many thanks to Katsutoshi Tanahashi for making this possible!

TOP (Mie): "Brahms Loves Rock", "More More", "Call Girl", "From Window Side", "Shampoo", "Never"
MIDDLE (Kei): "Sparrow", "Hesitation", "Spiral Staircase", "Yukata", "FU-RI-NE"
BOTTOM (Mie): "Diamond in the Ashes", "Woman In Mirror", "Dreamer", "Noon Face Love Story", "Now, The Choice", "Otona-Doshi"


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