For yout viewing pleasure, here's some memorabilia I obtained from fellow PL fan Melinda Bolduc along with stuff I've been sitting on for awhile, waiting for just the right moment to spring onto everyone out there. Enjoy!

memo13-1 memo13-2
memo13-3 memo13-4

RIGHT: Talk about mouthwatering, with the girls wearing nothing (I suspect) but a satin sheet and pantyhose. WHOO-HOO!

memo13-5 memo13-6

LEFT & RIGHT: Here's why everyone loves Mie and Kei in miniskirts----legs for days!! WOW!!

memo13-8 memo13-9
memo13-10 memo13-11

LEFT & RIGHT: Pink Lady peel-off stickers. How cool is that?


ABOVE: A Pink Lady tray. Most unique


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