Because I had landed lots of Pink Lady swag before and after the concert on August 26th, 2003, here's a THIRD Memorabilia page to show it all! Enjoy!

ABOVE & BELOW: Pink Lady postcards. These mondo cute anime-style images of Mie and Kei were from the video for "Terebi Ga Kita Hi"


ABOVE & BELOW: The Pink Lady Memorial Book, chock full of gorgeous photos from Mie and Kei's glory days


ABOVE & BELOW: From "Blanc & Rogue", a coffee table sized book chock full of gorgeous pictures of Mie and Kei, circa 2003!



ABOVE AND BELOW: From the official "Pink Lady Typhoon Again" concert program book



ABOVE & BELOW: Oversized prints of the Ladies I bought after the show. And yes, Kei's nickname WAS spelled wrong! How lame was that?


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