The pics on this page were from the concert program from the second phase, or volume two of Pink Lady's "Pink Typhoon" tour. As you can see, Mie and Kei are sporting different costumes that I found to be positively gorgeous as they continue to wow crowds in Japan! Unlike the previous memorabilia pages, I'm not going to bother with words, rather, I'll let the pics do all the talking! I hope you'll enjoy this feature! many thanks to Philbert Ono from japan for providing this charming item for my Pink Lady memorabilia collection!

The batch of pics below are from the Summer Fire '77 Concert program which I recently won via auction. But the really cool part was that the program included an actual ticket stub from the show! Wow! How awesome is that? Enjoy the pics!

The pics below came from a Pink Lady picture book I recently purchased via auction. I'll have more pics from this book to post in the months to come, including a VERY special feature that I'm sure you'll enjoy! Damn! I just LOVE those auctions! I wouldn't have a fraction as much PL stuff that I do now without 'em!

And now for something wonderfully different: Fellow PL fan Julie Landis sent me this most interesting photo that she took while on a trip to Japan in 1982. At a restaurant not unlike Grumman's Chinese Theater in Los Angeles, there's plaques of famous celebrities handprints in bronze. And, lo and behold, Pink Lady's handprints graced the place! In case you're wondering, as has always been the case from day one, Mie's on the left, Kei's on the right! Many thanks to Julie for sending me this awesome pic!


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