Here's some juicy new stuff I've added to my ever growing collection of Pink Lady memorabilia, most of which I've obtained through a Japanese online auction service which is similar to eBay. I'm sure you'll find these goodies to be quite the treat to ogle at! Enjoy!

ABOVE: Here's the most recent Pink Lady picture book that came out in Japan this year and had bought via the Japanese version of I had mentioned two months back that a screen capture of the main page of my website along with a link to same was in it. Also, from that book, here's a really OLD school photo of Mie and Kei before they hit it big. I think this was from around 1973 or '74. Look at how long Mie-chan's hair was back then, not to mention how brazenly short the girls' skirts were in this pic! Pretty cool, huh?

ABOVE: This book was chock full of pictures from "Katsudo Daiashashin" (a.k.a. Pink Lady's Great Motion Picture), part soap opera, part western, part sci-fi flick. And check out Mie and Kei as kabuki performers in this pic from the book! Amazing!

ABOVE AND BELOW: These pics were from two oversized PL picture books. More to come!

ABOVE AND BELOW: Pink Lady's first concert program

ABOVE AND BELOW: This Pink Lady poster book checks in at a whopping 15" X 21"! Jumbo sized Mie and Kei goodness!

ABOVE: This PL picture book, chock full of charming Mie and Kei pics (like the one on the right) came out in 1979 I believe

ABOVE AND BELOW: The program for PL's "Spring Flash" concert. Hmm! never heard of that one!


ABOVE AND BELOW: The Pink Lady "Photo Fantasy" book. Another oversized volume with plenty to enjoy!


ABOVE: Saving the best for last, this poster was part of the Photo Fantasy book. Outstanding!


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