The second vignette begins at the docks with the arrival of Mon-chan from heaven knows where
as he's delivered into the greedy hands of the villanous ringleader.

At the circus, Mon-chan's new home, the goofy looking critter is befriended by Mie and Kei who
do their very best to make him/her/it feel right at home.

Not so with the evil ringleader and his demented looking minions who make life miserable for Mon-chan
by teaching him/her/it tricks, and lashing him/her/it when it flops.

That night, Mon-chan, chained in it's cage and looking extremely (and laughably) pitiful gets a
visit from the girls. Yo, Kei-chan! How did you know he digs on bananas?

The next morning, the terrible trio are shocked to discover their prize catch has taken it on the lam.
leaving behind a large and odoriferous parting gift.

Way out in the countryside, miles away from the circus, Kei puts the pedal to the metal
while Mie happily keeps Mon-chan company in the back of the truck. 

The girls and Mon-chan enjoy a few pleasant moments together by campfire,
but, the next morning the good times come crashing down....

....when the terrible trio, determined to recapture Mon-chan catch up to the fleeing girls,
leading to one of the nuttier car chase sequences captured on film.

But, thanks to Kei-chan's daredevil driving, the girls manage to escape their pursuers,
while the trio winds up enjoying a hot time on the old highway.

However, luck runs out on the girls that night when their truck runs out of gas,
just as the trio, having stolen a fire truck catches them yet again.

Desperate, the girls pile Mon-chan into a rowboat and paddle across a lake. As the trio
gives chase, they meet up with one HUGE and unexpected surprise....

....that being a UFO which swoops out of the night sky and hovers over the girls and Mon-chan.
All together now----BEAM THEM UP, SCOTTY!!!

And, with the terribly frightened trio scurrying for cover, the UFO zooms into space with the girls,
boldly going where no pop stars have gone before!

Kei: "Uh, Mie-chan? I don't think we're in Japan anymore!"
Mie: "No sh*t, Sherlock!"

Mie and Kei enjoy a friendly meet and greet with Mon-chan's grateful parents,
before the realization sets in that they're now a L-O-N-G way from home.

Alien experimentation on humans for fun and profit. Well, by golly, it looks like
Fox Mulder wasright after all----the truth IS out there!

Now you see them----now you don't! Trust me, folks, the girls are most definitely invisible!
Music director, please cue up "Tomei Ningen" for our listening pleasure!

Back on Earth, our invisible heroines go about doing good deeds. They start in a park where they
literally get the drop on some low life pervs terrorizing helpless schoolgirls.

Next up: a boorish, noodle slurping buffoon who cuts in front of a hapless girl at the bus queue,
but he swiftly gets his well deserved comeuppance.

Clever crooks digging underground and using dynamite to break into a bank vault?
Not on Pink Lady's watch! And the second vignette ends.


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