Our final vignette takes place in the wild, wild west, appropriately, in a place called Western Town,
it's where our heroines earn an honest living as peformers.

However, things go awry when the villain of the piece (we'll call him Black Bart) takes a sinister shine
to the girls, fortunately, the handsome outlaw Sugar arrives....

He wastes no time rescuing our beleagured damsels in distress, then evens the odds
by wasting two of Bart's slimy goons.

Injured in the shootout, Sugar beats feet out of Dodge, just ahead of the bad guys,
moments later, Sheriff Pepper arrives, gun in hand and demanding answers.

Like the stereotypical little kid who got caught with his hand in the cookie jar before dinner,
Bart hastily explains how Sugar was to blame for all the chaos, not him.

While the angry Bart and his goon squad tear up the countryside looking for Sugar,
Kei tends to her wounded beau in a secret location.

Meanwhile, back in town, Sheriff Pepper tries to get answers out of Mie about Kei's whereabouts.
With no luck, he posts a reward for Sugar's capture.

That night, the girls are back on stage performing. Ironically enough, they're singing "Wanted"
when three honbres stroll in out of the night.... of those hombres is Sugar in a not so clever disguise, in town to see his sweetheart,
and Kei recoginzes him in a heartbeat.... too does one of Bart's goons, seeing the disguised outlaw, he takes aim,
Kei, seeing the danger, leaps off the stage to protect Sugar.... the thug shoots, Kei, without hesitation, bravely puts herself in the line of fire,
and makes the ultimate sacrifice for the man she loves.

Sugar, enraged at Kei having been killed takes it out on the bad guys,
mowing them down like a scythe through wheat.

however, there's just one thug too many for Sugar to handle, and he buys the farm,
when in pops Sheriff Pepper to take down the last goon.

But Bart, laying in the weeds, catches Pepper unawares, and things are looking bleak,
until salvation arrives in the form of a whiskey bottle.

Mie, though anguished, pulls herself together and, in classic western fashion,
takes action, smashing the bottle over Bart's gun hand.... Pepper the chance he needs to finish off Bart and end the conflict.
The good guys win, but at a terrible cost.

The next day, two new residents check into the Dirt Nap Motel,
a.k.a. Boot Hill, the outlaw....and the girl who loved him.

A grieving Mie pays her respects to her murdered partner and friend,
when, like a bad penny, Sheriff Pepper turns up.

but, he's the last person Mie wants to see because he wasn't in time to save Kei,
nonetheless, Pepper tries to persude Mie to stay....

...but Mie turns him down and runs away, leaving the Sheriff behind, ending the vignette.
And what's with the UFO here? Find out on the next page!


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