Pink Solo: Hawaiian Mie

In or around 1983, Mie filmed an entertaining TV special called “Mie: Private Time” in which she spent some quality time in Hawaii, said to be a favorite tourist destination for Japanese vacationers. Fresh faced and 25 at the time, Mie took in plenty of sights on Kauai and Oahu, doing so from the air and on the water, swam, body surfed (well, attempted to anyway), jet-skied, rode horses, did plenty of sightseeing and partied here and there, occasionally in the company of a teenaged native Hawaiian boy with whom Mie bonded, but then, that may have just been part of the script for her travelogue, all the while, snippets from Mie’s solo songs from the early 80’s played in the background, including “Call Girl”. All in all, this was a very delightful feature, one I’m sure you’ll be able to enjoy from the captures I’ve presented for your viewing pleasure.

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