Pink Solo: Call On Mie

In 1982, one year after the historic break-up of Pink Lady, Mie, having launched a successful solo career as a singer-actress starred in her first, and, to my knowledge, only motion picture, "Call Girl". In the film, Mie played Mari, a seductive young woman who sells herself to rescue her lover from the grip of terrorists. At least that's what I've heard the plot was like, but I could be mistaken. If anyone has more detailed information on the plot, I'd love to hear from you. In addition to that, here's a particular facet about the movie that I'm sure you'll find to be quite interesting: Mie's character worked with two other ladies in a call girl agency, one of them was named, ironically enough, Keiko, after her old song and dance partner!

Sporting a chic pageboy hairdo and a sophisticated, onscreen personality, Mie, only 24 at the time of the movie's release no doubt stunned Japanese audiences with her portrayal of a prostitute. I know she stunned me when I got my hands on a copy of the video and watched it for the very first time, especially in some rather racy bedroom scenes she was in. Even though this film would be rated PG-13 by American standards with precious little nudity to speak of, it was still an incredibly stark, 180 degree turnaround from Mie's image as one half of the wholesome and loveable Pink Lady. With 2002 having marked the 20th anniversary of the film's debut, I had hoped it would've been re-released, complete with English subtitles so I could follow the story better, but that hasn't happened. Pity. Many thanks to a PL fan from overseas, he sent me a companion picture book with Mie in France where I believe "Call Girl" was filmed, and from which the pictures in this feature came from. Enjoy.

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