Pink Spotlight

When the good folks over at PL-NET told me that PULP, a Japanese Manga magazine produced here in the States was going to do a feature on Pink Lady for it's October 2001 issue, naturally I was excited. And that excitement literally shot through the roof when that issue hit the stores with Mie and Kei (in their silver sequin outfits from "UFO") gracing the cover! Unless I missed something somewhere, that marked the very first time that the Ladies made the cover of any magazine based in America! Needless to say, that made for quite a treat, and so too did the features inside, including an article by Akihiro Seki, one of the big wigs at PL-NET and interviews with Marty Krofft and none other than Jeff Altman, both of whom revealed very interesting tidbits about the goings on behind the scenes during the making of Pink Lady and Jeff. Thanks to the kind folks at PULP, they've allowed me to put up links to the PL feature from their website for you to enjoy!

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