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When I discovered the Internet phenomenon known as YouTube, words failed to describe how happy I was to find Pink Lady videos, most of which even I've never seen before. After only a few days of cruising the website, I quickly became a member and posted a good dozen videos of my own. A couple of weeks ago, I came up with the idea to organize all the PL videos on YouTube on this page as I've culled together videos from t"Pepper Keibu" to "Do Your Best", plus a few other treats like the amazing "Pink Eyed Soul". So, if by some sad quirk you've never seen Pink Lady perform before, here's your chance to check out Mie and Kei doing what they do best. Just click on the drop down menus beneath each record sleeve and have fun!

"Boogie Wonderland" (from the first episode
of Pink Lady & Jeff)

"Your Toast Girl"


"Stop In The Name Of Love"

Pink Lady's performance on Kohaku Uta Gassen,
circa 2000

"Love Countdown"

Trulawn McCray tribute to Pink Lady

"Heya Wo Dete Kudasai" (the Star Tanjo song), circa 2005

"Utakata", circa 2005

Pink Lady: The Finale (March 31, 1981)

The opening medley from the 1984 Pink Lady
reunion concert

"Your Toast Girl", circa 2011

"Strangers When We Kiss", circa 2011

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