Pink Purr-fection

During Mie and Kei's heyday as Pink Lady back in the 70's, they used to have a cute little cartoon picture (with the girls portrayed as cute kitties) that adorned stuff like clothes, shoes and other such toys, something that was tailor made to attract the kiddies who were huge fans of the Ladies. For anyone who's never seen it before, here's what it looks like:

Now along comes Mike Moon, a penpal, a good friend and a very talented graphic artist who's specialty is fantasy drawings of gorgeous, human-like felines, catgirls as he calls his delightful creations. Well, during one of my email chats with him a couple of months ago, Mike offered to do his own interpretation of that same cartoon in his extraordnary catgirl style, and what he created for me was nothing short of astonishing, as you can see for yourself below:

In keeping with his catgirl theme, Mike called this drawing "MewFO"! Damned clever, ain't it? And, as you can see, it's a mondo fabulous drawing which sorta recreates the kitty-kat cartoon logo of thirty years ago. Many thanks to Mike for this wonderful illustration! It's certainly the cat's meow!!


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