Pink Scrapbook 1

Bewteen late 1978 and mid 1980, I was lucky enough to obtain a goodly amount of newspaper and magazine clippings about Pink Lady, both from their attempts to conquer the U.S. music industry with their one and only English language album to the infamous items about Pink Lady & Jeff. Most of these news items you've already seen on the Pink Clippings page, but I thought it'd be neat to display some of my other clippings (in chronological order), as they appeared right from the newspapers or magazines I clipped them from. Even though these ietms are over a quarter century old, I'm sure you'll still find them to be extremely fascinating!

LEFT: From Billboard Magazine, September 9, 1978
RIGHT: From Billboard Magazine, December 14, 1979

From the Norfolk, Virginia Ledger-Star, February 12, 1980

LEFT: From the Dallas Chronicle, March 1, 1980
RIGHT: From the Philadelphia Journal, March 1, 1980

LEFT: From the Philadelphia Daily News, March 11, 1980
RIGHT: From the Philadelphia Daily News, March 28, 1980

From Teen's Entertainment Magazine, circa 1980

LEFT: From Superteen Magazine, May 1980. Note: I sent off the order form to try and win an album in that contest, however, I didn't succeed.
RIGHT: From Tiger beat Magazine, June 1980


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