Pink Prologue

During my trip to Japan in August 2003 to see Pink Lady in concert, I managed to buy a goodly amount of swag that was on sale both inside and outside the arena. One of those items was an oversized picture book called “Blanc & Rogue: 2003 Presented by Mie & Key” (Nope, that was no typo on my part, folks, Kei-chan’s stage name was misspelled! How loopy was that?). This was an interested book loaded with behind the scenes pictures of the Ladies during what I’ve guessed was the early stages of their reunion tour, thus the title, “Pink Prologue” as this was the beginning of something huge for Pink Lady and their legions of fans. Makeup sessions, rehearsals, backstage stuff during one of the shows with Mie and Kei wearing those killer red Flamenco dresses for “Carmen ‘77” during the first leg of the tour, plus a few concert and publicity pics as well. All in all, it made for a fascinating book that I enjoyed pouring over many times. With that in mind, I’ve presented two pages worth of pics from this book for you to pour over as well. Enjoy!



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