Pink Celluloid

In 1978, Pink Lady ruled the Japanese music and pop culture scene in Japan. Their albums and singles sold as fast as they could be produced; their concerts were huge events packed with hordes of wildly devoted fans. The girls were staples of television, either singing their hit songs or hawking scores of products, not to mention their own animated biographical series. Their faces were mainstays in magazines while photos of them sold like hotcakes, hell, they even did two successful concerts in Las Vegas! I've joked with fellow fans that Mie and Kei were so popular, they could've run for political office and won in a landslide! About the only thing Mie and Kei hadn't done that year was star in a movie! Ahh! But it turned out they had! In that year, the girls starred in "Pink Lady's Great Motion Picture", said to be something of a cross between a sci-fi flick and a western. (Hey, I just report on this stuff! I don't explain it!) Thanks to Tim Whalen who lives in Japan, he was kind enough to provide me with the actual program from the movie.

Since then, thanks to another fellow fan, Texas native Alan Newman, I was finally able to get my hands on a copy of the movie which I've since reviewed. Along with stills I've culled from the movie, I've redesigned the Celluloid Page to reflect the changes. In this new version, you'll find three sections as links below: one each for pics from the program, my review of the film, and lastly, stills from same. And, if that isn't enough, please check out the review page as I now have COMPLETE review of the movie as fellow fan, Verne Innhel was kind enough to provide me with a full synopsis of the movie's first vignette which I had trouble figuring out. Verne is the webmaster of Encyclopedia Idollica, a fascinating and enjoyable website devoted to Japanese idol singers from the mid-80's through the mid-90's. I've visited there many times, and it's lots of fun. And now, on with the show!

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