Pink Choreography

Far and away THE one thing that made Pink Lady so unique as performers during their heyday in late 70's were the wild and funky dance routines that accompanied their songs, especially their ten number one hit tunes. Before Mie and Kei came along, female pop singers merely stood still and did elaborate hand gestures while they sang. When the Ladies hit the scene, wowing audiences with their sensational dance numbers, the face of J-Pop music had changed forever. To this day, idol singers in Japan shake their groove thing to all their songs, thanks to Mie and Kei who pioneered the movement.

Ever since the website went up, I've had folks write and ask where they could find illustrations or photos of the Ladies doing their incredible dance numbers, and for the longest time, I had trouble putting all that together. Well, not anymore! Thanks to a Japanese PL site, "Viva Pink Lady", I've found step by step diagrams of the routines from all of Mie and Kei's top ten hits, from "Pepper Keibu" to "Chameleon Army". I've been dying to get my hands on something like this, and it's with great pride that I'm able to present this feature for you. So, let's get down and boogie! Oh, and in case you were curious, in the picture above, the girls dance to the strains of "Zipangu"! Many thanks to the owner of "Viva Pink Lady" for making this possible!

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