In November of 2003, I got an email for Norman D. Ross who had some very interesting Pink Lady memorabilia he thought I'd be interested in. Of course, he was dead on target and I ended up procuring some very nice stuff from him which you can see below. But the story doesn't end there, you see, Norman's a musician who actually toured with Mie and Kei over in Japan as part of their band in the latter half of 1980! WOW! How cool is that? Hopefully, over the next few months or so, I can arrange to interview Norman to get his take on what it was like to be in Pink Lady's band! But, for now, here's the pics!

ABOVE & BELOW: From the '78 Jumping Summer Carnival program

ABOVE & BELOW: From the Turning Point tour program which Norman played on! By the by, the shots in the picture above were from Pink Lady & Jeff!

ABOVE: A bevy of PL goodies. Regarding the hat, you think T & C Music wants everyone to know who they are? Sheesh! Talk about overkill!
BELOW: A cute fan to keep cool on hot afternoons. The shirt however was too short for me to wear!

ABOVE: The PL soap tray and a deck of PL playing cards! COOL!!
BELOW: Pictures of Mie and Kei on the world famous Shinkansen, a.k.a the bullet train in 1980, taken, I assume, by Norman


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