Here are some Pink Lady items I collected during my stay in Japan, mainly the wonderful picture books I bought along with more recent additions since I launched the website. If you happen to have any neat Pink Lady stuff you want to share with the world, drop me a line at and tell me all about it!

LEFT: This book was devoted to a vacation the girls took in Greece, subject of a future page
RIGHT: This book chronicled Mie and Kei's excellent 1978 adventure in the States

LEFT: Step by step instructions to the funky dance numbers that accompany Mie and Kei's chart toppers, plus concert photos are in this book

LEFT: 1979 promo ad from Rolling Stone listing Mie and Kei's astonishing achievements in Japan
RIGHT: A second promo ad from 1979 which listed Pink Lady's top 10 singles, nine of which hit number 1 in Japan. Don't worry if you can't read the figures, you can see them in the Pink Discography section
Both items, courtesy of William Bisch of New York state were won by me through eBay auctions

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that a second 45 from Pink Lady's 1979 U.S. album had hit the market! On the flip side is "Dancing in the Halls of Love" I won this via an eBay auction from LuAnn Staheli from Utah.

LEFT: Cover of the sheet music from "Kiss In The Dark", courtesy of Edwin's Music of Buffalo, New York.
RIGHT: Would you believe a
third Pink Lady promo ad from '79? This ad lists over four hundred people whom I assume were involved in the creation of Mie and Kei's American album. Courtesy of William Bisch of New York state. Both were won by me via eBay auctions.

Just when you (and I) thought there weren't any more Pink Lady promo ads....


LEFT: Gorgeous girls, slinky gowns and feather boas! Fabulous!! This ad came from Record Rat in Stoughton, Mass. which I won in an eBay auction
RIGHT: From Rolling Stone, circa 1979. Hiroaki Akiyama from Japan won this ad via eBay (one of the very few PL items I've ever been outbid on) but was kind enough to send me a copy to put here! Thanks a ton, Hiroaki!

These are the original NBC press kit photos of the girls and "the other Jeff" as part of the network's hype machine for Pink Lady & Jeff. I found these photos in a downtown Philadelphia bookstore in June of 1980, about three months after the show did it's swan song, or rather, was put out of it's misery.

(Aside: Inquiring minds wanna know: Was "the other Jeff" really THAT short, or were the girls wearing heels or standing on crates in the photo on the right? As we all know, Mie's the tallest of the Ladies, and she tops out at just five feet five!)

Mie and Kei as two-thirds of the Supremes and looking sharp in those sequined gowns from the premiere episode of Pink Lady and Jeff in an NBC art card I won in an eBay auction. Many thanks to Carl Seid of Tampa, Florida for making this item available.

LEFT & RIGHT: Two more NBC press photo promoting Pink Lady and Jeff. I was fortunate to have won them both via eBay auction from Andrew Rolfes of Redondo Beach, CA. Many thanks, Andrew for making them available!

LEFT: A cool publicity photo of the Ladies from Electra/Curb, the record company that put out their 1979 U.S. album. I won this in February 2000 via an eBay auction from Chris Walker of Sylmar, CA.
RIGHT: A real treat for the Chameleon Army, an ad Mie and Kei did for back in 1978 for transistor radios. Remember them? Not to sound lecherous, but damn, the Ladies sure did look sexy in those outfits! YOWSA!

LEFT: The cassette version of Pink Lady's U.S. album. Even though I already had it on vinyl (which I've since had burned onto CD), I just had to have this for a keepsake. There's an 8-track version out there too! You'll find that on the second memorabilia page! Thanks to Specialty Records which I won this from via eBay.
RIGHT: This version of "Kiss in the Dark" was pressed over in Spain. And before you can even form the question, Mie and Kei did NOT sing it in Spanish! Lord knows they had enough trouble with English! This came from Isidro Saurez via eBay.


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