lyrics by Mitsuyo Nemoto and Keiko Masuda
translation by Ted Park


Playing with the time
drifting in the glass
The night I wanna be taken away
is being wiped off by words

Listen, listen closely
Yes, it's coming from there
Pure game to race my heart
Feel the essence swirling

* Pink Eyed Soul The wish shut with eyelids is coming true with kisses of the eyes

Pink Eyed Soul Even the moment of a wink is libido of pleasure running through

Under the noon moon
Egoist chasing a shade
In the dry winds holding noises
The pride is swaying

Look, in the mirror
Yes, what staring at you
are eyes of passion like scorching
Believe the essence rustling

** Pink Eyed Soul The miracle you could come across are being turned into eternity called love

Pink Eyed Soul In the hearts staring at each other, libido of pleasure everlasting

You see, in a quiet morning
Yes, you'll see in a dream
Footsteps of the future waking up
The premonition is turning into vivid reality


*-** refrain

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