Pink Comeback

In 1996, Mie and Kei reformed Pink Lady and cut their first new song in 15 years, "Pink Eyed Soul", a cool, funky and uptempo number which the girls co-wrote. (Click on the picture above to read the translated lyrics to "Pink Eyed Soul", courtesy of Ted Park) It was said the Ladies wanted to get back into the spotlight and show the younger generation of pop singers just how it's done. And from what I've heard and seen, Mie and Kei succeeded as only they could, bringing longtime fans back into the fold and winning over new ones. Of course, it was neccessary for them to shoot a video for the song which I was lucky enough to have bought from Kinokuniya Book Store in New York in mid 1999. Even though Mie and Kei were pushing 40 when the video was made, they hadn't lost a step since their heyday and could still shake their groove thing with pop stars half their age! What I've done here with this feature is divide it up into two sections: "Making The Video" which showed Mie and Kei on the soundstage during the actual shoot and "The Finished Product" which was what it looked like when it was finished. And, lastly, "Behind The Scenes" which, as the name implies, went into the nuts and bolts stuff about the video, including clips of Mie and Kei in the studio recording "Pink Eyed Soul". Many thanks to fellow PL fan Ted Park who translated the lyrics which you can see by clicking on the image above. I hope you'll enjoy it! I know I did!!!

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