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Getting out of Dodge, Kei gets some timely help from Tank who helps her elude the thugs

code3-3 code3-4

Lackey, working for Boss Triad leads a hunting party to kidnap Shades' girlfriend

code3-5 code3-6

Hardly an experienced gunman, Lackey, nervous as hell, shoots the girl instead. Dumb move

code3-7 code3-8

A little late, Kei gets the drop on Lackey who gets whacked before she can kill him herself

code3-9 code3-10

That night, Kei and tank secretly meet with a waiting Shades and Weasel

code3-11 code3-12

But the Triad catches up with them and a brief but spirited rumble ensues (Kei's sure handy with her fists)

code3-13 code3-14

then escapes scot free by boat. Later, Shades and Kei unburden themselves

code3-15 code3-16

before surrendering to their passions. And yes, they do the horizontal boogie

code3-17 code3-18

That morning, the Triad catches up with our heroes(?) who are seriously outnumbered

code3-19 code3-20

With Boss Triad's own Lackey looking on, the army of thugs open fire, but no one's home

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