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ABOVE & BELOW: Despite the overwhelming odds facing them, our heroes(?) whittle down their enemies

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Tank buys the farm, courtesy of Trenchcoat Man's hatchet, but he gets sliced by Shades and his katana

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Boss Triad's Lackey opens up with a tommy gun, cutting down Bossman, brought to the scene by Boss Triad....

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....then riddles Shades with hot lead. Just as Lackey is about to aerate his skull....

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....Kei, out of bullets, uses a well-thrown knife to kill the gunman

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But the damage is already done as Bossman and Shades are dead

code4-15 Code4-16

while a smug Boss Triad looks on from the safety of his limo
RIGHT: Thought balloon----"Lousy motherf*cker! You are SO dead!"

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That night, someone sneaks into Boss Triad's house and interrupts his evening of raunchy fun

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and finds himself staring into the face of death itself. And death wears a chillingly cold look before pulling the trigger. BANG!


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