code2-1 code2-2

Needing some post-killing recreation, Shades visits his main squeeze, and wastes no time getting his freak on

code2-3 code2-4

Meanwhile, a pretty college student catches the attention of Weasel and Tank

code2-5 code2-6

....who then kidnaps her. Later on, Shades gets on his buddies for snatching the daughter of the Triad leader

code2-7 code2-8

Bossman arrives to get a sit-rep (situation report) from Kei while Lackey listens in on their chat

code2-9 code2-10

Shades returns the girl to her home and we're introduced to her daddy (we'll call him "Boss Triad")

code2-11 code2-12

Kei, waiting to meet someone outside a police station gets an unexpected visitor in Tank....

code2-13 code2-14 a carload of Triad goons show up and open fire on them, Kei, packing heat makes her first kill

code2-15 code2-16

before screeching off on an obligatory chase scene, leaving the Triad thugs eating their dust

code2-19 code2-20

That night, Kei's quiet evening gets plenty noisy as she's visited by a disguised assassin whom she kills with a fork to the neck....

code68 code71

....then confornts another killer she cooly sends to the happy hunting grounds. Our girl is LETHAL!!!


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