Back in May 2010, I mentioned how I stumbled across info about a movie Kei-chan starred from 1991 called "Code Name K: Lady Connection". After winning the video via a Japanese online auction and wasting no time watching same, I found it highly enjoyable since it was a cheese filled romp as Kei portrated a sultry, stone faced operative out to gain info on a budding turf war between Japanese Yakuza hoods and a Chinese Triad gang. I don't mind telling you it was a hoot and half watching Kei (sporting late 80's style fashions, complete with widescreen shoulder pads that would've made the women from Dynasty weep from envy) making like Chuck Norris with killer karate moves on bad guys one minute, then blowing dirtbags away like Dirty Harry with her trusty autoloader the next. It was anything but an award winning film, but it was still a whole lot of fun to watch as Kei was seriously cool and definitely badass in her role like legendary Asian action flick heroine Michelle Yeoh! Here's four pages worth of screen captures from the film which I'm sure you'll enjoy. And once you've finished this visual feature, by all means, check out a fascinating review of the film by fellow Pink lady fan GLPL who presents some very interesting opinions on the film. So, go forth and enjoy!

code1-1 code1-2

Our heroine gets her marching orders from her boss (we'll call him "Bossman"), head to Hong Kong and get the 411 on a budding turf war between the Yakuza and the Chinese Triad

code1-3 code1-4

After a flight to Hong Kong, Kei arrives and turns heads in a suit with widescreen Dynasty style shoulder pads. You go, girlfriend!

code1-5 code1-6

Kei gets a briefing from Bossman's assistant (we'll call him "Lackey") while being driven from the airport, then she does some reconnaisance

code1-7 code1-8

In a local dive, two Triad goons cause some ruckus, but calm down when the neighborhood Yakuza heavies arrive

code1-9 code1-10

From left to right, "Tank", "Shades" (the leader the gang) and "Weasel" take serious notice of Kei

code1-11 code1-12

Later on, Shades and Tank run for their lives from guntoting Triad thugs, hot to gun them down

code1-13 code1-14

But one of the Yakuza guys are captured and beaten up before being introduced to "Trenchcoat Man"....

code1-15 code1-16

....and his wicked looking hatchet. Later on, Shades and Tank are horrified to discover their buddy literally lost his head

code1-17 code1-18

LEFT: Translation--"Of course you know, this means war"
RIGHT: And the boys go to work on the Triad, using bare hands (Tank strong like bull)....

code1-19 code1-20

....blades as Shades uses a katana to give one thug a close shave from hell and good ol' bullets!


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