The English language version from "Remixes"


There's a man who's stolen my heart away
I'm gonna get you and make you pay
You're on the loose but you won't be for long
Gonna get you back to where you belong


Wanted! Wanted! Wanted! Wanted!


Why don't you confess and say that you love me too
Surrender to me before I catch up with you
'Cause I'm out to take you, take you into my arms
Hold you and kiss you so we won't ever part


I'll get the clues and then I'm gonna pursue
Search the world through until I catch up with you
You don't have a chance 'cause you're the most wanted man
Wanted for loving me like no other man


Please come back, back to me
Oh can't you see you're hurtin' me
You know it's not just a game I'm playin'
When I say to you, I want you

Why did you have to go and leave me all alone
Do you think it's fair when you know I care
I want to be the one, the one you really want


I want you baby, I want you baby

Wanted! Wanted!


repeat first & second verse and chorus