Pink Licensing

Back in late June, I went and bought myself a car, a 2000 Toyota Camry XLE V6 with lots of bells and whistles like a leather interior, an in-dash, 6-CD changer, remote keyless entry and a moonroof (to quote that girl from the commercial: “Oooh! Moonroof!”). Pretty neat, huh? But the really terrific thing about my new ride was the vanity plate I recently got for it:

Nope, this isn't a gag, nor is it fake or something I whipped up in Photoshop! It's the real McCoy! Now, everyone can see just how much I love Pink Lady with that vanity plate. Now isn’t THAT mondo cool? That got me to thinking about how Pink Lady could be used for other vanity plates, so, just for fun, I made up a list that I’m sure you’ll find to be rather interesting. And useful, if you own a car and want a vanity plate that expresses your love for Pink Lady, then, by all means, feel free to use the samples provided below. However, if you do, take a pic of your plate and zip it to me so I can show it off on the website. Who knows, this could make for an interesting future feature! Drive on!

1) 8251976 (Pepper Keibu release date)

2) CARMN77 (Carmen ’77)

3) CHM-ARMY (Chameleon Army)


5) KITD-79 (Kiss in the Dark-1979)

6) MMLCLUB (Monday Mona Lisa Club)


8) NAG-SNBD (Nagisa No Sindbad)

9) NAM-NORI (Nami Nori Pirates)

10) PEP-KBU (Pepper Keibu)

11) PLANDJF (Pink Lady & Jeff)

12) PNK-LDY (Pink Lady)

13) PNK-SOUL (Pink Eyed Soul)

14) PNK-TYP (Pink Typhoon)

15) SOS-1976

16) STHPAW (Southpaw)

17) TOM-NGN (Tomei Ningen)

18) UFO-1977




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