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Greetings, everyone! Here's something I think you'll find interesting: a collection of pics of me and some of my Pink Lady memorabilia, shot from the friendly environs of my semi-palacial home here in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with my handy-dandy digital camera. Admittedly I'm not the greatest photographer in the world, nor am I a top notch subject to be photographed, but I did as best I could with what limited skill I happen to have. I hope you'll enjoy the pics I've presented for you!

ABOVE: the four PL promo ads and a killer poster of the girls I found via eBay!

LEFT: Yours truly with the Holy Grail, Pink Lady's debut album!
RIGHT: One of my two oversized picture books, chronicling Mie and Kei's adventure in Greece!

ABOVE & BELOW: Close-ups of the promo ads. The box like thing is in the pic above is one of the surround sound speakers in my home theater system.

LEFT & RIGHT: One of my most prized PL possessions, their U.S. debut album.

LEFT: An absolutely killer poster of Mie and Kei, circa 1978. It's the centerpiece of my living room decoration.
RIGHT: This oversized picture, though slightly damaged chronicled Pink Lady's 1977 "Summer Fire '77" concert

LEFT: Courtesy of Akihiro Seki of PL-NET, the promotional poster for Pink Lady's 2003 CD release, "Terebi Ga Kita Hi" and "Monster Wave"
RIGHT: From Diazaburo Hobo, a theater lobby poster for Pink Lady's 1978 movie


ABOVE: Here's a poster of the Ladies I picked up via an e-Bay auction a few years ago. Why I waited this long to have it framed is a mustery to me.

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