Pink Discography 2


During the magically storied career of Pink Lady, Mie and Kei turned out an astonishing 22 albums, 18 alone during their historic five year run from 1976 to 1981, and nearly half of those were live performances where the Ladies were truly at their best. One of these days, I'm gonna collect every bit of vinyl (or CD) Pink Lady ever put out so I can truly have a complete music library of my heroines. Now I may have gotten the dates or titles wrong on some of the albums, so if there's anyone out there who has more exact info, please let me know! Enjoy!

LEFT: "PEPPER KEIBU", the Holy Grail itself, Pink Lady's debut album (1976)
RIGHT: "CHALLENGE CONCERT", Mie and Kei's first live album (1977)

LEFT: "SUMMER FIRE '77 (1977), An excellent, two-disc live set
RIGHT: "BEST HITS ALBUM", the first of several such compilations (1977) It was re-released on CD in 2003

RIGHT: "AMERICA! AMERICA! AMERICA", Pink Lady, live in Las Vegas! (1978)

LEFT: "'78 JUMPING SUMMER CARNIVAL", arguably Mie and Kei's largest concert ever (1978)

LEFT: "BEST HITS ALBUM - 2" (1978)
RIGHT: "KATSUDO DAISHASHIN", The soundtrack to "Pink Lady's Great Motion Picture" (1978)

LEFT: "LIVE AT BUDOKAN", Held at Japan's equivilent to Madison Square Garden (1978)

RIGHT: Mie and Kei's U.S. debut album (1979)

LEFT: "WE ARE SEXY", originally thought by me to be a second U.S. release but wasn't (1979)
RIGHT: "TURNING POINT", the New Wave sounding "Last Pretender" is on this album (1980)

LEFT: A special 3-album set, released shortly after the announcement of Pink Lady's break-up (1980)
RIGHT: "SAYONARA PINK LADY", the emotional farewell concert (1981)

LEFT: "PINK LADY AGAIN - SUSPENSE", three years after the break-up, the Ladies reunited for this album (1984)
RIGHT: "REMIXES", funky dance club versions of Pink Lady chart toppers (1990)

LEFT: "BEST SELECTION", featuring "Pink Eyed Soul", which was written by Mie and Kei (1996)
RIGHT: "TWIN BEST", a 2-CD, 41 song compilation (1997)


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