Pink Choreography 2

When it was announced several months ago that Pink Lady would be coming out with a choreography DVD to all their legendary dance routines (as opposed to a concert feature from their current tour which I first thought it'd be), I was very curious to see what it was all about. Thanks to John Vawter who was able to make a copy of the DVD for me, I got to see for myself what it was like, and I was amazed. To see Mie and Kei moving and grooving to their famous dance moves in their mid-40's was nothing short of astonishing, and the faithful recreations of their old costumes (like the flapper dresses from "Wanted", followed by the silver sequined bodysuits and matching antenna hats from "UFO" and the baseball jumpers from "Southpaw" in the just released volume 2) made it all the more a treat. With that in mind, John sent me a boatload of stills from the DVD to display here. Enjoy!

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