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In Japan, animation, or "Anime" is very, and I mean VERY big! Unlike here in the States, cartoons are fanatically popular, even moreso than live action shows, both with children and adults. Also, there's no denying that best animation in the world comes from the Land of the Rising Sun. In fact, a goodly number of cartoons seen here in the U.S. over the years are Japanese imports dubbed into English for American audiences. Everything from time honored classics like Astro Boy, Kimba the White Lion (said to be the inspiration for Disney's The Lion King) and Speed Racer to modern day sensations like Dragonball Z, Pokemon and my personal favorite, Sailor Moon.

So, what does Anime have to do with the charming stars of this website? Only that Mie and Kei, after having conquered the Japanese record charts, television and movies became cartoon stars as well! In early 1999, I got some very interesting email from one Andrea DeMarzo from Italy, a fellow (Yes, fellow! It's a guy) Pink Lady fan who, through a friend of his told me that there was actually an animated Pink Lady series. Now, I like to delude myself into thinking I knew all there was about our favorite divas, but this revelation blew my tiny little mind! Needless to say, I was dying to get more info! And I got it! In spades!

The "Angels of Splendid Fame". I think the title fits perfectly!

Well, through his friend, Irene, Andrea sent me some color copies from a magazine which featured the very animated Mie and Kei as you see above and below. Pretty cool, huh? The series was called Pink Lady monogatari - eiko no tenshitachi (Pink Lady Story - the angels of splendid fame) and it ran from late October 1978 to late June 1979 at 7:30 PM, 36 episodes and it was produced by T & C (Trust & Confidence), the company that managed Mie and Kei. The premise of the series which ran in prime time in Japan was the story of Pink Lady, chronicling the girls' history, from when they were infants to high school classmates (as seen below) all the way up to their rise to superstardom.

Aren't Mie and Kei just plain cute in their school uniforms?

I thought this was just too cool for words, but, when you stop to think about it, music stars becoming cartoon stars is hardly anything new. Heck, there's even a precedent here as back in the 60's, you had The Beatles in Yellow Submarine (which I thought was stunning myself) while the Jackson 5 had a Saturday morning cartoon show. And since the Pink Lady anime ran in prime-time, we can only assume it must've gotten rather high ratings during its eight month run. Considering the series ended almost two years before Mie and Kei called it quits, it would've been cool to see everything that happened right up to their farewell concert, including their adventures in the States with Pink Lady and Jeff!

I hope you like what I've put up! If I come across more PL anime, I'll let you know!

From hit records to commercials to movies to cartoons, Mie and Kei have done it all!
That's why they're legends! Any arguments? Didn't think so!


Scenes from the Animated Pink Lady Biographical Series

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