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But she's beingwatched by the bad guys. Unaware, gal pal chats with Mie

callgirl4-3 callgirl4-4

Out on the street, gal pal is nabbed and spirited away by the bad guys

callgirl4-5 callgirl4-6

who take her to the head thug. But she manages to overpower her captor

callgirl4-7 callgirl4-8

and makes her escape. Meanwhile, boyfriend and pimp-san have a chat (over Mie I guess)

callgirl4-9 callgirl4-10

but it quickly leads to a brawl, one that's watched by Mie who walks in on them

callgirl4-11 callgirl4-12

Mie tells boyfriend that she's cast her lot with pimp-san. That night, the lovers are on the run

callgirl4-13 callgirl4-14

But the police are quickly on the scene, cop-san takes aim on the bad guy

callgirl4-15 callgirl4-16

Putting an ened to the dram, much to the relief of Mie and pimp-san, playing decoys

callgirl4-17 callgirl4-18

Far away, boyfriend and gal pal receive a going away present from an old acquaintance

callgirl4-19 callgirl4-20

Meanwhile, it's back to business for pimp-san and Mie, in more ways than one



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