callgirl3-1 callgirl3-2

After fun and games with Mie, boyfriend and party plot to do away with freaky gaijin

callgirl3-3 callgirl3-4

The next day, boyfriend and thug are ready to blow gaijin to bits when Mie shows up

callgirl3-5 callgirl3-6

Freaky gaijin gets a very unpleasant surprise when he sees the entree from hell

callgirl3-7 callgirl3-8

Leading to a rather explosive outcome that gets boyfriend in trouble

callgirl3-9 callgirl3-10

trouble as in getting shot. Later at the track, Mie meets another client

callgirl3-11 callgirl3-12

where the couple do the wild thing in the back of a van. Talk about being flexible

callgirl3-13 callgirl3-14

That night, Mie encounters the thug who shot boyfriend, but cop-san comes to her rescue

callgirl3-15 callgirl3-16

Mie then gets a call of help from the gal pal of boyfriend who's in bad shape

callgirl3-17 callgirl3-18

Gal pal brings boyfriend over to Mie's place to rest up and recuperate

callgirl3-19 callgirl3-20

While Mie arranges to get the couple out of town, gal pal is running an errand


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