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December 18, 1977. After a performance, in their dressing room, Kei suddenly collapses

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Screaming from terrible pain. At a hospital, it's revealed that Kei's appendix had burst

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The doctor tells Kei to take time off, but from the scowl on her face, she's not buying what he's selling

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After her surgery, Kei reveals her plan to get back on stage: by coiling plastic wrap around her midsection

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Manager-san and the doc are shocked, but Kei's looks proud of her cleverness, or her insanity

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And with that, it's back to work for our girl. The hits keep coming with "Southpaw"

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Followed by "Monster" and the incredible Jumping Summer Carival which filled a baseball stadium

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Culminating with their having won a prestigious awar for "UFO"

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1978. Manager-san tells the girls they're going to America and try and break into the U.S. music market

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Mie is elated at the news, Kei, not so much


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