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And the rest is history as the girls win over the crowd and win on Star Tanjo

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After their winning performance, the girls, both 18 sign up with Trust & Confidence

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Before being told they have to leave home for, well, Pop Star boot camp in April 1976

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LEFT: Footage of the girls before leaving home. RIGHT: The girls arrive at their new digs

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Nothing is easy for the girls as they have to do chores in and around the house....

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.followed by some very unique techniques for becoming better singers....

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and strenuous sessions on the dance floor which will become part of their blossoming act....

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all of which spells long and taxing days for our weary heroines.

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It's in this meeting that Manager-san officially christens Mie and Kei as "Pink Lady"

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And the girls record their first song, "Pepper Keibu", and work on the song's dance routine.


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