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On a rainy day in 1971, Kei is busy practicing in the school gym...

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...when she slips on a wet spot on the floor, falls and hurts herself, ending her hoops career

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ABOVE & BELOW: Days later in a school highway, Kei and Mie finally meet, and a lifelong friendship is born

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1972: A school play is held. 14 year old Mie, looking rather yummy is enjoying herself

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Kei (15), not so much. The girls then learn about a local singing competition

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Getting info about the competition, Mie and Kei decide to give it a try. Fate is at work.

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ABOVE & BELOW: Mie and Kei sing with the best of them, and are happy to hear they were the best

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The girls are happy because they're seeing their ambitions starting to bear fruit


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