the English version of "Pepper Keibu"


* 1) Sargeant Pepper
she can kill you with her smile
Sargeant Pepper
she's got the looks,
she's got the brains, she's dynamite

*2) All the guys turn their heads
just to see her passing by
but they'd never know
with her cunning disguise
she's got one knockout punch

*3) She can be a high class lady
or a lady of the streets
but you'd better watch it
'cause she's more than what you see
she can lock you up for good

*4) If she's after you
what you gonna do
'cause you won't even have a chance

*5) When she aims for you
she's gonna hit you
at the heart, a-huh, huh....

*1: repeat

*2-5: repeat

*1: repeat