On August 26th, a.k.a. "The Big Day", I arrived at Kanagawa Kenmin Hall a good forty-five minutes before showtime, and the main lobby of the hall was already quite filled with equally anxious looking people, all eager to see Pink Lady. While I sort of stood out in the crowd, being a tall, African-American in a red shirt, olive pants and my Phillies baseball cap, no doubt I must've been seen as just another fan, one who came half way around the world to achieve my most cherished goal. Once two p.m. rolled around and the doors opened to the seating area, the crowd rushed in, outside in the lobby, tables had been set up for the sale of Pink Lady memorabilia, and boy, there was sure a lot of it! A glossy, full color commemorative program, CD's, posters, t-shirts, towels, cups, watches, so much stuff! I bought as much as could afford, but wished I could've bought more.

LEFT: Kanagawa Kenmin Hall, where I travelled to from halfway around the world to fulfill my dream
RIGHT: Inside the building, a portion of the crowd that came to see Pink Lady

Satisfied with the swag I had bought (more would come later!), I went to my seat. As I mentioned on the Headlines page, there would be two shows, and for the afternoon performance, I was a mere eight rows from the stage, practically dead center. WOW! This was indeed too good to be true! The seats filled up pretty fast, and I could feel the anticipation with each passing minute. As the minutes ticked away and showtime neared, I became more and more nervous, my hands shook and I could barely keep still as the anticipation was driving me crazy. Finally, at around two-forty five, the lights dimmed and a roar went up from the crowd, meanwhile, my heart was literally in my throat. Then, the spotlights came on, and I saw them! Dear Lord in Heaven, I SAW THEM!! After three months of near daily planning, seven thousand miles of traveling, and twenty-five years of waiting, I FINALLY SAW THEM!!!! Mie and Kei! Live before my very eyes!

LEFT: What would a Pink Lady concert be without Mie and Kei in miniskirts? Amd let me tell you, the Ladies have NEVER looked better!
CENTER: Check out these gorgeous Spanish Flamenco dresses Mie and Kei wore for "Carmen '77"! They made my jaw drop! YOWSA!
RIGHT: From glitzy to elegant, Mie and Kei closed out the show in glamorous white evening gowns! They make anything look sensational!

As the girls opened the show with their newest song, " Terebi Ga Kita Hi", I don't mind telling you I choked up and had tears in my eyes. After so long, after so very long, my dream had been fulfilled. And the Ladies didn't at all disappoint the crowd as they put on a fantastic show that left yours truly in breathless, slack-jawed awe! It's one thing to watch videos of Pink Lady in action, it's quite another to see them perform live, to marvel at their incredible talent which hasn't dimished one iota since their glory days in the late 70's, to feel their seemingly boundless energy, and to bask in the glow of the love radiated by their legions of fans for whom Mie and Kei have been, and will always be, to quote a line from "New York, New York": A-number one, king of the hill, top of the heap! What you see above is but the tip of the iceberg as I've got lots more pics to display! So, just click on the link below and enjoy the show!