A couple of years ago, Alan Newman, a fellow Pink Lady fan from deep in the heart of Texas was kind enough to send me a video of a movie Kei-chan starred in, called, “The Dog Judges Her Love”. Judging from the cinematography, this looks to have been a made-for-TV movie, and, from Kei’s appearance, i.e., the thick, long hair she sported like from "C'est un Amour", I’m guessing this came out sometime around the late 80’s to very early 90’s. 

Regarding the plot of the film, as near as I could tell, after having viewed it twice, Kei is a cheery, small town working mother with a handsome husband and a precocious young son. The fortunes of the family, looking to move into a larger house take a turn for the better when the husband’s rich in-laws bestow a large gift of money onto the couple as down payment on a new house, but everything goes to hell after Kei's assaulted, the money stolen and her life turns upside down in the worst way. Kei's scandalized in the press, separated from her husband and son and loses her job. Her only companion is a German Shepherd who lived next door and eventually helps her track down the bad guy who wrecked her happy life.

The overall tenor of “The Dog Judges Her Love” was not unlike the seemingly endless “women in peril” movies shown on Lifetime. Meanwhile, Kei showed quite a fine range of emotions in the movie: joy, sorrow, fear, despair, loneliness, courage, every feeling possible, and required for the role she played. While I’m no critic, I found Kei’s performance ver credible. As far as I know (and that ain’t saying much), Kei hasn’t starred or been in any other movies, but I’m in the process of finding out for sure. In any event, for what might have been her maiden voyage as a motion picture headliner, Kei did very well. Now check out the stills from her movie.

dog-1 dog-2

The town....the husband

dog-3 dog-4

The young son....and the star of the show

dog-5 dog-6

Kei and son meet the movie's other star....
along with its owner. More on him later

dog-7 dog-8

The happy family visits their future home....
and all is right in their world

dog-9 dog-10

While on a window shopping expidition at a department store....
they see a familiar face from the neighborhood

dog-11 dog-12

Dad-in-law delivers a HUGE wad of cash to the astonished couple....
yes, boys and girls, those are TEN THOUSAND yen notes

dog-13 dog-14

The next day, Kei meets with her furry friend....
before packing the cash in her purse for the trip to the bank

dog-15 dog16

Before she leaves, Kei is surprised by a masked intruder....
who wastes no time threatening her life

dog-17 dog-18

Kei tries to stop the thug from getting her purse....
and is sucker punched for her trouble

dog-19 dog-20

Then suffers the ultimate indignity at the hands of her attacker....
after coming to later, Kei finds the money gone


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