Followed by more musical segments, "Carmen '77" and "Nagisa No Sindbad"

anime3-3 anime3-4

The girls, having decided to become idol head to the city where they meet their mentor....

anime3-5 anime3-6

ABOVE & BELOW: He teaches to girls to sing and to dance

anime3-7 anime3-8
anime3-9 anime3-10

ABOVE & BELOW: Not even stormy weather keeps the girls from perfecting their craft

anime3-11 anime3-12
anime3-13 anime3-14

Back in the studio, after a second costume change, the girls are back with their siblings

anime3-15 anime3-16

Kei's bro belts out "My Way", leaving his sister openly moved

anime3-17 anime3-18

ABOVE & BELOW: More songs from the girls, "Wanted", "UFO" and "Southpaw"

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