On this show which Mie and Kei appeared on August 18, 2004, the girls performed, saw old clips from their late 70's salad days, reunited with one of their old T & C handlers and, in something I thought was cool, sang "Pepper Keibu" in perfect synchronization with original footage from 1976! Needless to say, it was all awesome stuff to behold!

LEFT: The Ladies start the ball rolling with a performance of "UFO"
RIGHT: Judging from the "24" emblem on Mie-chan's dress, I'm guessing she was hyping the show!

LEFT: A publicity still of the girls with one of their handlers from the good old days
RIGHT: A reenactment of the girls with their instructor, practicing what I've come to call the 'bunny hop' from "Pepper Keibu"

LEFT: And here he is, still alive and well after all these years
RIGHT: Something which leaves Kei-chan plenty choked up

ABOVE: Mie and Kei perform my favorite song, "Wanted"
BELOW: Let's step up to the plate for "Southpaw"!

LEFT: The girls in the VERY early days from their appearance on Star Tanjo (Birth of a Star)
RIGHT: A vintage performance of "Pepper Keibu"

ABOVE & BELOW: Old school performances of "Nagisa No Sindabd", "Wanted", "UFO" and "Southpaw".
The REALLY good stuff that made Mie and Kei J-Pop legends!

LEFT & RIGHT: These shots were from Pink Lady's ill-fated and ill-conceived 1978 New Year's Eve special
which was, to put it mildly, whomped by the then (and probably still) colossal Kohaku Uta Gassen

LEFT: "Pepper Keibu" from Pink Lady's current tour
RIGHT & BELOW: Mie and Kei move and groove to vintage footage of "Pepper" in the background. How cool is that?


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